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Customer's personalised memory boxes and wine boxes

Today’s engraved wooden memory boxes produced to customer’s requirements.

Buying your own wooden memory box with engraving is simple. Just choose the box design that closest matches your requirements. Then enter your personalisation text according to the instructions. You may also choose the lining fabric inside some of our memory boxes. Then add to basket and checkout using your card or PayPal.

We have dozens of unique wooden box designs to choose from that can be engraved. Our wood engraving is deep and 3 dimensional. We can then whiten or blacken the engraving for even more impact!

Best-selling engraved personalisation memory boxes

Personalised engraved tealight holders in beech

Any name looks stunning in our personalised engraved beech tealight holders!

Customer’s frequently choose their children’s names, the newly-weds’ names or simply “Mr & Mrs” engraved into one candleholder and their surname into the other.

The chosen names are engraved deep into the beech wood in a process we call mechanical carving. Standard engraving scratches grooves into the surface, typically less than 1mm deep. Laser engraving achieves the same effect by burning away some material. Both leave 2 dimensional (flat) depressions.

Mechanical carving is different, it produces a 3 dimensional relief, extending deep into the wood. The depth of this engraving ranges from around 1mm to 5mm or more. The result is so much more dramatic and sophisticated, we hope you agree?

We don’t only personalise tealight holders with our 3d engraving. Our engraved wooden gift range includes memory boxes, trinket boxes, photo holders, vases, pots and more.

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Wintry white grain letter punched plaque personalised memory boxes

Personalised memory boxes don’t have to shout “PERSONALISED”. Our personalised plaques make your keepsake box more personal and keep it restrained and elegant.

The personalised metal plaques can take up to 4 lines of 26 characters each. So, you can write a lot – like birth names and dates and weights – without it dominating the lid of the box.

Made of aluminium or copper with a wood backing, the plaques are fitted neatly to the underside of the lid. Stamping with letter punches adds your personalised text to the plaque.

All our memory boxes are hand shaped and finished with dyes, paints, waxes and varnishes by hand in our workshops on the Herts/ Bucks border. The boxes shown have our dramatic white grain paint effect. It’s produced through a four stage finishing process, all done by hand.

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customers personalised cufflink trinket boxes in stack

Customised trinket boxes and personalised cufflink boxes were first made at Warner’s End over 7 years ago. We began making them with unique letter punched aluminium messages.

Since then, the business has grown and evolved. We’ve moved from working at home in the back garden, to a modern industrial unit. From just Becca and Steve, to a small team of employees and micro-businesses working together. And, we’ve developed exciting new personalisation techniques; our chased metal repousse and mechanically carved boxes. But, the old favourites remain! We’re still shaping, finishing and lining these boxes by hand every day for our lovely customers!

Ordering your customised trinket box couldn’t be easier: choose your box style, finish and lining colour and enter a personal missive to suit your occasion and recipient. We’ll do the rest. We can deliver it to you or direct as fast as next working day.

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copper personalisation tealight candleholders on the workshop shelves

Copper represents the goddess of love – Venus to the Romans, or Aphrodite as she is know in Greek mythology.

Customers love the copper version of our contemporary beech wood personalised tealight candleholders. The soft golden glow of this most ancient metal teams perfectly with the lively beech grain. Each pair is personalised by us – often in the name of love.

Did you know, copper was one of the earliest metals used by early humans? The Copper Age lasted a 1000 years before ushering in the Bronze Age, with the addition of tin.

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