Wooden Corporate Gifts, Bespoke & Premium Packaging

The team at Warner’s End have worked with wood and created personalised and customised wooden products since 2014. During this time, we have developed unique wood finishing techniques and our own personalisation methods. Three proprietary computer-controlled machines provide our unique branding and marking capabilities. Each machine was designed and constructed in-house and is not commercilly available. As a result, we can offer exciting design possibilities that will make your project stand out.

bespoke presentation box customer proof with repousse logo carved branding
Customer proof of bespoke presentation box featuring ‘repousse’ chased copper logo and carved lettering

Experienced in developing and personalising wooden products

Nearly 8 years of producing tens of thousands of personalised wooden products a year has made us expert in mass customisation. Indeed, almost every single item we sell is uniquely customised in some way. Our minimum batch quantity is one! Need 10 wine boxes, each with the same logo, but a different recipient name or missive? Not a problem. And, there are no extra set-up or artwork charges.

We can layer our unique capabilities to produce something truly special for you. Need luxury wooden product packaging? Then we can combine deep carved engraving with chased metal and laser cutting to exude quality. Plus, individually numbered limited editions are not a problem. Likewise, prizes or rewards for a special occasion can feature personal names, dates and commendations. Similarly, branded corporate gifts can feature the recipient’s name as well as your branding.

Enthusiastic about solving customer’s needs

As you can possibly tell, we’re positively enthusiastic about meeting customer’s needs in new enticing ways. Indeed, we developed our stunning repousse (chased metal) personalisation capability in response to a corporate customer enquiry. A high-end gin distiller contacted us wanting an anniversary edition box. After making some modifications to an existing machine, we were able to provide a special logo detail in chased copper to match their unique copper stills. Now this ‘repousse’ technique is just another one of our personalisation methods. But, what could we develop for your project? Get in touch today to find out!

Your project could benefit from our unique production capabilities developed in-house

We are a nimble and responsive small business that loves a challenge. But, we’re always honest with customers about how we can help. And, as importantly, if a project isn’t a good match for our capabilities. So, if you have something in mind, just drop us a line. We’d love the opportunity to work with you.

Steve Sugden, Managing Partner

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