Valid Voucher Codes/ Discount Coupons

Any valid voucher codes or discount coupon for Warner’s End gifts purchased at is posted here. Don’t pay more for your gifts than you need to: bookmark (add to favourites) this coupon codes page for future reference! This page is always up-to-date with any current discount code that every gift shopper can use.

Discount Coupon Code Valid Until Christmas Day 2022

  • Save on personalised wooden gifts until Christmas!
  • Valid until 25th December 2022
  • 10% Off total gift spend. All gifts, except sale items
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons and promotions
  • Just enter tiktok10 at the checkout where it says “Coupon Code” next to the “Apply Coupon” button

Don’t miss a discount at Warner’s End

We’re a family firm, crafting our unique, personalised and, often, fully customised gifts in Buckinghamshire, UK. Like any small firm, we struggle to get noticed alongside “Amazonian” alternatives! So, we publish discount codes periodically, to encourage shoppers to visit this store and browse. To avoid missing out on a saving:-

Special voucher codes for returning shoppers

If you’ve shopped with us before, then don’t forget to check your despatch confirmation email and any follow-up emails you received. Often these will include a discount voucher for future purchases. And, because we want to thank customers for their loyalty, these coupon codes may earn you a bigger discount. These customer coupons are often shareable, so your family and friends can get a bigger discount as well.

More about voucher codes & discounts…

Why do Warner’s End offer discount coupons?

Warner’s End offers coupon codes for two reasons: –

  1. We know that value conscious customers will seek discounts at checkout. And, we’re aware that unscrupulous third party sites sometimes publish fake voucher codes. They do this for the clicks. Searching for these discount codes and finding that they just don’t work is very frustrating. We don’t want you to leave our store and waste time your time unnecessarily. That’s why we post any valid-for-all coupon codes here.
  2. For many reasons, a pound just doesn’t stretch as far these days, so we all need to watch what we’re spending. We want to help, but Warner’s End can never offer the cheapest choice of gift. That’s because we are not a mass producer and we don’t import cheap products from China, for example. What we can offer is small savings to help our discerning customers give the gift they want to.

Why don’t Warner’s End just lower prices?

We cannot offer cheaper list prices on our store, because we cannot undercut other sellers of Warner’s End products. Our exclusive wooden gifts are sold by a select few retailers, as well as here. Plus, we also sell through marketplaces, like Etsy. Just like us, these sellers want to offer good value to their customers. But, they also need to make money to pay for their advertising, IT, admin and other costs. Likewise, we have to sell to them at a price that covers our making costs and makes a small profit for us. We say “have to sell to them” because, without the volumes of sales provided by our wonderful resellers, we couldn’t operate cost-effectively. Their sales help us drive down the cost per item and everyone benefits.

If we lowered the prices shown on our store, other Warner’s End sellers doing the same would struggle to cover their costs. Conversely, sellers that didn’t match our prices, would be perceived as being over priced and greedy. Obviously, this is not a reputation sought by any retailer or market place. This situation would be unsustainable, we’d lose the sales, our cost per item would rise and Warner’s End would become an even smaller business with higher prices. In short, everybody loses!

What about seasonal Sales?

We have sales in January and at other times of year, usually to match our retailers’ offers or widespread sales across gift retail – like during Black Friday week. Items that are on sale cannot be discounted further with the use of a coupon code. Sorry, we just can’t afford to offer those levels of discounts.

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