Gift Personalisation: Make Giving More Personal

Make Giving More Personal with Gift Personalisation

Looking for a gift that stands out and leaves a lasting impression? Then make it personalised!

At Warner’s End, we offer five gift personalisation methods. They elevate our UK handmade gifts from “how lovely” to “oh my goodness, how did you…” Want to know more about how we make your gift personal? Then read on to discover…

Oh, it’s worth mentioning here that all our gifts are handcrafted in the UK. So, even if you choose not to personalise your gift, you’ll still be buying something unique and special.

Where It Started: Letter Punch Text

stamped letter punch personalisation strips in copper and aluminium
Personalised copper & aluminium stamped strips ready to fit

Our very first Warner’s End handmade product – an anniversary trinket box – was launched through NotOnTheHighStreet nearly 10 years ago with innovative stamped letter personalisation.

Inlaying a metal strip stamped with letter punches into a box was unique back then. Perhaps it still is? In any case, it remains our most popular personalisation technique. Perhaps because it adds to the rustic handcrafted charm of our products in a way basic engraving cannot?

Using individual letter punches, your chosen text is stamped into a fine strip of aluminium or copper. The metal is then hand-inlaid into a rebate in the wood’s surface, creating a characterful and nostalgic effect. Your text appears deep, bold and rounded, not spidery and scratchy like standard engraving.

If a single line of text is too limiting, our letter stamped plaques allow you to say more. Plaques allow multiple lines of text centred on a sheet of metal, that is then mounted underneath a window in the box lid. You can see this technique in our ever-popular christening memory boxes.

Whether it’s a sentimental quote, a name, or a meaningful date, our letter stamped personalisation adds a personal touch that also says “handmade”.

Laser Engraving (Pyrography)

Laser engraved memory box personalisation into maple veneer plaque
Laser engraved memory box personalisation into maple veneer plaque

Using a state-of-the-art CO2 laser to engrave your chosen text or design into the wood’s surface, is a highly accurate form of pyrography. The laser is burning away the surface of the wood to produce a blackened impression.

The beauty of laser engraving lies in its versatility, allowing for intricate detailed designs – like Mumma bear here – as well as multiple fonts to be precisely reproduced from the tiniest scale upwards. The result is clean and precise. The blackened engraving shows like ink, but you can feel the relief with your fingertip.

To increase the contrast, on some products we carefully work ink into the engraved relief by hand. This makes the design or text “pop” out of the lid.

Laser engraving ensures your sentiments stand the test of time. Laser engraving cannot be easily rubbed off; it requires a lot of sanding! This ensures your gift is a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Choose from stylish text engraving or one of our special designs with a name or message underneath.

Fret Not Filigree

stag design filigree and laser engraved personalised text
Filigree stag with laser engraved personalised text

Our lasers can cut wood as well as engrave it, which is how our filigree designs came about!

“Filigree” is a term for fine fretwork. Traditionally performed painstakingly by hand with a very fine saw. One slip of the saw and the design would be ruined. That made it incredibly expensive! Thankfully, with a modern laser we can recreate the same stunning effect at a reasonable price.

We use our laser to cut our unique designs – like this sensational stag – into the lids of our jewellery and trinket boxes. We then mount a thin copper or aluminium sheet underneath, so it shimmers through the cut design. This creates an incredibly elegant effect that customers rave about!

Using the laser to engrave a name or missive underneath makes this spectacular box just for them!

Reviving Repousse Metalcraft

first repousse personalisation developed for this special commemorative box
Our repousse personalisation was developed in-house

A boutique handcrafted gin company got in touch a few years back, asking if we could do something special. They wanted a motif in copper to echo their use of vintage copper alcohol stills. That’s when we discovered repousse and created a machine to revive it for our customers!

For centuries crafted by hand, we’ve reimagined this technique for the modern day. Our purpose built computer-controlled machine “chases” three-dimensional designs into aluminium or copper. The pillowed relief and bold impression achieved could not be mistaken for plain engraving. It’s so much more dramatic!

Make your gift a conversation piece by choosing time-honoured repousse personalisation. Let us incorporate your names and/or message into a distinctive ornamental design and transform your gift into a treasure.

Classical Carved Personalisation

Keiran hand-finishing a carved box in the workshop
Finishing a carving personalised box by hand

Hand carving has been used for millennia to add text and decoration to classical buildings and furniture. But, now the effect of traditional hand carving is within everyone’s reach. With a computer-controlled high-speed rotating cutter, we carve out 3D text and designs, adding depth and character with each pass.

You have the option to leave the carved text plain, creating a beautiful contrast against the surrounding stained wood. Alternatively, have it whitened by hand for a serene statement or inked in black for a powerful proclamation.

Our carving personalisation echoes craftsmanship and delivers the wow factor to make your gift stand out.

From Gift Personalisation to Customisation

customising fabric lining of trinket box by hand
Hand fitting customised fabric lining in trinket box

If you want a gift as unique as your intended recipient, you’ll want to know about customisation!

We understand that true individuality extends to the very design of the gift. That’s why we offer an additional layer of customisation, beyond adding names or messages. Our customisation options let you tailor a gift to perfectly match your recipient and occasion.

You can choose the colour of the fabric lining for your trinket or jewellery box, or add a lining to a memory box. We can also change the wood finish of a specific product for you.

Seen something you like that’s not 100% right for them?! We’re here to help! Because every one of our gifts is individually handcrafted, we can accommodate your ideas by tweaking designs or formats.

Why Choose Warner’s End Personalised Wooden Gifts?

With over a decade of experience and a passion for individually crafting wooden gifts in the UK, we guarantee the highest quality of products and personalisation. We want every Warner’s End gift to be cherished for years to come.

We’ve curated an array of personalisation methods to accommodate different tastes and preferences. You’ll find unique designs and techniques here that can’t be replicated elsewhere.

So, take a look and don’t forget to ask if you don’t see exactly what you were looking for.

Becca & Steve