Customised & Personalised Trinket or Cufflink Boxes

customers personalised cufflink trinket boxes in stack

Customised trinket boxes and personalised cufflink boxes were first made at Warner’s End over 8 years ago. We began making them with unique letter punched aluminium messages.

Since then, the business has grown and evolved. We’ve moved from working at home in the back garden on old pallets to a modern industrial unit. From just husband and wife Becca and Steve, to a small team working together. And, we’ve developed exciting new personalisation techniques; our chased metal repousse and mechanically carved boxes. But, the old favourites remain!

In fact, the original Vintage Style Personalised Anniversary Box remains a best-seller in our range of wooden personalised gifts. Maybe, in the era dominated by mass-produced Chinese goods delivered next day, these little handcrafted trinket boxes stand out as “different” and more hard found?

In a world inundated with easy-to-order options, we aim to offer a unique blend of tradition and innovation under the Warner’s End brand. Hence why we develop our own tools and techniques to make your gift extra special. Yet remain stubbornly hands-on when it comes to making our unique personalised wooden gifts.

The desire to offer uniqueness started with hand stamping messages into aluminium and figuring out how to add a fabric lining to our trinket boxes. Nobody else seemed to be doing either on Etsy or NotOnTheHighStreet. Then we progressed on to working with copper and creating our own filigree motifs. Eventually, our desire to offer something extra special culminated in building our own computer controlled machines! One for mechanically carving personalised text into our boxes; another to produce incredible ornate chased metal plaques that are personalised.

But the machines – whilst producing accuracy and affordability in personalisation we couldn’t hope to achieve by hand – haven’t replaced the hands-on craft. We’re still shaping, decorating, finishing and lining every trinket box by hand for our lovely customers! We custom make and fit the linings to each trinket box by hand. We also shape it, add effects like ageing/ antiquing, stain and varnish it – often in multiple stages – and do all the paint effects using our trusty mitts.

Personalised wooden trinket box with double copper message

Nowadays trends fade, and possessions lack soul. We wear things twice, upgrade annually, use and throw away. We want Warner’s End gifts to be the exception; the stuff that sticks around, that’s hard to date and that people feel connected to. A Warner’s End trinket box sitting proudly on a bedside table, or dresser or on the mantlepiece can be a small constant in our whirlwind lives.

Every now and then, that charming little box will be truly noticed. Perhaps memories of when it was received will flood in and momentarily stop life in its tracks. Maybe, a moment will be enjoyed reading the personalised message it carries. Instantly, its owner is transported to that happy occasion and a smile spreads across their face.

If you want to give a timeless gift that transcend trends, then choose a personalised trinket box from our carefully curated selection of box styles, finishes, and lining colours. Have your gift custom made with a personal touch and see your sentiments transform into a treasured possession.

Ordering your customised trinket box couldn’t be easier: choose your box style, finish and lining colour and enter a personal missive to suit your occasion and recipient. We’ll do the rest – mainly by hand. We can deliver it to you or direct as fast as next working day.

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