Customised & Personalised Trinket or Cufflink Boxes

customers personalised cufflink trinket boxes in stack

Customised trinket boxes and personalised cufflink boxes were first made at Warner’s End over 8 years ago. We began making them with unique letter punched aluminium messages.

Since then, the business has grown and evolved. We’ve moved from working at home in the back garden, to a modern industrial unit. From just Becca and Steve, to a small team of employees and micro-businesses working together. And, we’ve developed exciting new personalisation techniques; our chased metal repousse and mechanically carved boxes. But, the old favourites remain! We’re still shaping, finishing and lining these boxes by hand every day for our lovely customers!

Ordering your customised trinket box couldn’t be easier: choose your box style, finish and lining colour and enter a personal missive to suit your occasion and recipient. We’ll do the rest. We can deliver it to you or direct as fast as next working day.

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