Crafting Personalised Wooden Gifts in England

Stubbornly Crafting Personalised Wooden Gifts in England

Holding up British made memory box in Amersham, England
Stubbornly making personalised wooden gifts in England

Congratulations! You’ve discovered the UK handmade antidote to uniform, mass-produced, seen-it-everywhere gift-giving.

Here, you can buy unique wooden gifts invented, crafted, and personalised in England. Our products aren’t churned out of factories in China or Indian sweatshops, in their hundreds of thousands. And they aren’t shipped halfway around the world, which is really much better for the planet.

If you want to give a gift that the recipient has never seen before, one that they cannot imagine to what lengths you went in order to find it, then you may well find it here.

At Warner’s End, our passion for creating unique UK-made wooden gifts that are personalised began from humble beginnings at home. Today, in our thriving workshops in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, we proudly produce English wooden gifts that make authentic and original presents.

How This British Business Began

So, how did this little family firm come to be?

photo when we worked from our home in Chorleywood

Back in 2014, we – husband and wife team Steve and Rebecca – embarked on a new chapter in our lives that became Warner’s End. We had just sold a small e-commerce business and needed a fresh challenge.

Steve had an interest in woodwork and craft. We both love vintage architectural salvage and the charm of old utilitarian objects like wine crates or apple boxes. So, when an old munitions box was salvaged from Steve’s father’s shed clearance, an idea sprang into life…

That very first summer was incredible! A makeshift workshop was erected in our back garden, built out of old pallets. It was basic, with only a tarpaulin for shelter. But the products were an instant success on NotOnTheHighStreet. We worked long days under the sun and into the night by floodlight. Happy times!

Nine Years of British Craft & Graft

personalised boxes being crafted in our workshop in Amersham
A day of memory boxes at the workshop in Amersham

From these humble beginnings, who could have predicted that “Warner’s End” would thrive 9 years later!

Now, the nest of our creativity and craft is a spacious, airy (but chilly in winter!) workshop in the market town of Amersham, Buckinghamshire. Known for its rich history, picturesque surroundings, and frequent appearances on film, Amersham is a great location to run a business. We are now spoiled!

The workspace may have changed, but we haven’t. We still don’t send anything out the door that we wouldn’t be happy to receive ourselves. And, we still put handmade craft at the heart of every product. We remain enthralled by vintage, rustic, utilitarian charm – as many of our products demonstrate. And, we continue to keep our hands busy working on the gifts you buy.

Why Our Obsession with UK Handmade?

Hand lining a personalised trinket box in our workshop in Amersham
Hand lining a personalised trinket box in our workshop

In a world characterized by fast-paced, assembly-line production, we take pride in doing things the good old-fashioned way – by hand.

Shaping, staining, varnishing, and often trimming (upholstering) each piece manually ensures that no two gifts are alike – even before it’s personalised! The charm of imperfection adds character and authenticity to every item you purchase. That’s impossible to replicate with a machine. Learn more about how we make your gift by hand.

Your ability to make your gift truly personal is central to 99% of our products. To give you more choice for how you “make it personal”, we’ve developed our own unique personalisation methods. Our original letter punched metal is now one of 6 ways to make your gift unique.

Choose from dramatic 3D engraved carving or intricate repousse metal plaques. Then there’s fine filigree fretwork with neat laser engraving or simply pick a funky lining for your box. Learn more about how we can make your gift extra special with our gift personalisation techniques.

Who Chooses a British-made Warner’s End Gift?

Opting for a UK-made gift from Warner’s End means choosing character over machine perfection, valuing originality over the obvious option, and selecting “cherished forever” instead of forgotten this time next year.

You only need to check our Etsy feedback to see the joy unwrapping a Warner’s End gift brings. If you want to share that joy, we look forward to crafting your gift soon.

And, don’t forget, since we hand-produce every gift individually, we can often accommodate your special requests. So, if you’d like something tweaked, added, or if you don’t see exactly the gift you’re looking for, let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Steve & Rebecca