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How to get 15% off for a whole year here at Warner's End,
while saving family and friends money on their first order!

Please help spread the word about Warner’s End…

How our refer-a-friend referrals reward promotion works

We’re a small family firm with a passion for designing and making our own gifts. But, the internet is a big place with some Amazonian (!) beasts making so much noise, it’s a struggle for the little guys to get noticed. Can you help?

Read on to discover how you can save friends & family money and receive a valuable thank you reward. Thank you for your support!

Becca & Steve

If you’re a satisfied customer then just sharing your experience with friends and family can be a huge help for small businesses like ours.

15% off for a full year!

Hearing that a product is great is useful; getting a discount to buy one yourself is better. That’s why we give you a personalised £5 welcome coupon code to share. Likewise, knowing you’re helping a small firm is gratifying, but a thank you reward makes it more…well, rewarding! So, when someone uses your welcome coupon at Warner’s End, you get a special thank you: 15% off our gifts for a whole year!

Too good to be true?

Money off for the people I tell and special discounts for me?! Yes, we can do this because you telling your friends and family about us, saves us money. Not just on those annoying adverts that seem to follow you online, but also on marketplace fees and retailer margins. We pass on such savings.

How can I take part?

Easy! You just need a unique welcome coupon code to share. When a new customer buys using your welcome code, we send you your reward: a special discount code that only you can use.

You receive your personal welcome coupon to share in your follow up emails, after ordering. If you haven’t got yours, just contact us (see form at end) with your order details and we’ll send you one. This offer is open to previous purchasers of Warner’s End gifts only, because we want authentic referrals from genuine customers. Bought a Warner’s End gift elsewhere? Then just submit the form at the bottom to participate!

You can tell people about Warner’s End in lots of ways:-

  • Email friends and family
  • Tweet your review and code coupon
  • Share or what you bought on Facebook
  • Instagram a photograph of your gift
  • Text/ SMS your friends
  • Whatsapp post on a group chat
  • Mention it to them (we’ve tried to make the codes easy to remember).
  • Tik Tok it in video (very creative)
  • Blog it or publish it in any way you choose

Rules and limitations

Like any promotion there a (very) few rules and limitations.

  1. The incentive & reward discounts apply to “full” price gifts. We cannot discount sale items or allow coupons to be stacked. We’d go bust!
  2. You cannot refer yourself. You can use your own referral coupon (once) to get £5 off, but 15% off for a whole year is better!
  3. When a new customer to completes a valid order on our site using your unique coupon code, you earn your personal reward coupon. Purchases by existing customers (there really aren’t that many*) do not qualify.
  4. Your £5 off coupon is valid for anyone (including the tiny number of existing customers*) spending just £23 or more on gifts
  5. Your 15% off full price gifts reward is valid for 1 year from the date of issue (ie when we validate the sale)

*For just about 8 years, Warner’s End has been making and selling gifts but, incredibly, we only launched this e-commerce website this year. Yes, silly – we know. Previously, we have sold hundreds of thousands of gifts through marketplaces and other retailers, so we know how to make customers happy! If you bought a Warner’s End gift previously at another site, you can still participate. Just fill in the form at the bottom.

The small print!

Sadly unavoidable, since we’re effectively making a contract…

This Warner’s End refer-a-friend promotion intends to reward existing customers (the Referrer) for introducing new customers. It is intended that the reward is earned when a new customer completes an order for a full price undiscounted product or products totalling £23 (before the welcome coupon is applied) or more at using the Referrer’s unique coupon code. The intended reward is a 15% discount off the cost of full price undiscounted products at It is intended that no coupon, reward or discount in this promotion should apply to already discounted products, such as during a sales promotion period, or be used in conjunction with other discounts, incentives or promotions. By participating, the Referrer accepts the intentions of the promotion stated here and agrees to participate in good faith in accordance with the stated intentions. Further, they accept the operator’s (Net Alternative for sole discretion in determining the validity of transactions and acceptability of all participants’ actions within the promotion.

Get started – request your personal welcome coupon!

By ticking this box you give us permission to contact you by email and agree to the terms of participating in this promotion