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Give the perfect gift: something they’ve never seen, handcrafted in reassuringly limited quantities and personalised just for them.

Your gift is shaped, decorated, personalised and customised (mostly by hand!) to order in Buckinghamshire, England.

Personalised Wooden Gifts Handcrafted in UK

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jewellery box being given grainy wood finish effect by hand

Becca, Head Designer/Maker

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Our hands craft uniqueness into every gift. Select a wooden gift for us to make and personalise just for you

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“We’re so passionate about making your gift personal, we developed our unique personalisation techniques

Seen a gift you almost love, but…?

“…it’s not exactly what you want. We can help! Making gifts in Buckinghamshire by hand to order, means we’re flexible. We can tweak a designs for you. So, if you want this, but in that colour or something else, please ask! Simply drop me a few details.”

Becca - founder and chief wooden pot planter designer-maker

Rebecca, Designer/ Maker