Personalised Wooden Five Tealight Holder


A personalised tealight candle holder, handcrafted in beech wood. Customer’s often give as moving, housewarming, engagement or wedding gifts. Being wooden, it ticks the 5th anniversary box too!

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Looking for that perfect gift, perhaps for a housewarming, engagement, or even a wedding? Many customers choose this Wooden Five Tealight Holder!

It’s a beautifully handcrafted and personalised tealight holder that adds charm to any space. Plus – once bedecked with lit tea candles – the warm, captivating flicker of cosy candlelight.

Crafted from stunningly grained European beech wood, this decorative candleholder is perfect as a table centrepiece for a candlelit dinner. That makes it an ideal choice for moving, housewarming, engagement, or a wedding gift. Notably, because it’s wooden, it may also be given as a 5th wedding anniversary present.

Do you prefer handcrafted and handmade, over soulless, factory-made products? If so, you’ll be please so know this wooden candleholder is shaped, stained, waxed, personalised and polished by hand. Each one is as unique as a fingerprint. Being made in handmade quantities, makes your gift hard found.

Our unique letter punched personalisation adds another layer of special to your gift. We hand inlay an aluminium strip punched with the message, missive or dedication of your choice. It’s not “machine perfect,” but that’s the beauty of it and house guests won’t be able to help “zooming” in to read what it says.

Available here in rustic grainy stained beech and elsewhere in our store in alternative finishes and personalisation options. Just search “5 tealight”!

One thing to note – tealights aren’t included. Sorry – we cannot supply these. But you or your lucky recipient can easily source from Amazon, Ebay or Ikea. And, you/ they can choose scented candles with a fragrance they really love.

Don’t forget candle safety: never leave a candle burning unattended!

Whether you’re gifting it to someone special or adding to your own home decor, this beech candle centrepiece is a versatile and heart-warming choice of personalised gift.


You can add up to 44 characters of text, but we’re keeping it simple with A-Z, 0-9, and basic punctuation. No symbols or modern emojis – just good old-fashioned text. This is punched into the aluminium strip inlaid in the top of your candle holder.


Tealight holder made from beech wood

Aluminium strip stamped with punches showing your personalised message

Please note the colour and ‘patina’ does vary according to the natural differences in the wood itself

Stamped message is not “machine perfect”; shows character to match the wood

Tealights not included

H 34mm x W 290mm x D 100mm (approx).