Two Personalised Wooden Candle Tealight Holders


These are one of our best selling products, because they are so beautiful and versatile for many gifting occasions, plus you get two of them!

Up to 34 characters (including spaces and punctuation). Your text can include A-Z and 0-9 and simple punctuation.
Up to 34 characters (including spaces and punctuation). Your text can include A-Z and 0-9 and simple punctuation.


Beautifully crafted and finished by hand from beech wood. Personalised with metal punches in our workshop, these candle holders make a perfect gift for a…

  • 5th wedding anniversary (wood)
  • 7th anniversary (copper)
  • 10th anniversary (aluminium)
  • or, a wedding gift…
  • house warming, birthday or mothers day

We sell these for every occasion and they prove to be a big hit time and time again. Just check out the number of five star reviews on our Etsy and NotOnTheHighStreet shops!


Choose to have either the aluminium or copper message strips inlaid into your tealight holders. Copper hits the 7th wedding anniversary tradition.

Personalise each tealight holder with up to 34 characters (including spaces and punctuation). We stamp your personalisation using letter punch stamps into the aluminium or copper strip, which runs up the side of each candle holder.

Your text can use A-Z, 0-9 and simple punctuation. Please note that it is not possible to do # () * emoticons, graphics or special symbols (hearts), because we simply don’t have the stamps for those.


2 x tealight holders made of European beech.

Each candlestick is approximately: H 19.8cm x W 5.4cm x D 5.4cm.

Inset with either our aluminium or copper strip (you choose), stamped with your personal message texts. The stamped text (not engraved) has character rather than being machine perfect.

The strip is not ‘perfect’ nor supposed to be; minor imperfections complement the vintage look of the wood and candleholders.

Please note the colour and grain of your tealight holders will vary slightly from any photographed. Beech wood is a beautiful wood with many different features in its grain. Your tealights celebrate these natural differences; they show through. Every pair is matched to each other by hand but still unique!

Sorry – tealights not included.

ps: Never leave tealights or candles burning unattended.