Dark Grainy Wood Double Message Tealight Holder


Give a gift that makes a statement and delivers a message with this contemporary handcrafted personalised tealight candleholder.

Please choose between copper or aluminium message strips
Up to 30 characters including spaces Your text can include A-Z, 0-9 and simple punctuation
Up to 30 characters including spaces Your text can include A-Z, 0-9 and simple punctuation


This monolithic tealight holder makes a lovely addition to any room. Whether adding a centrepiece to a contemporary living space, or creating a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom, this tealight holder is up to the task!

The combination of the rich dark wood and shimmering metallic highlights creates a standout piece of thoroughly modern design. And, these tealight holders get even more interesting when folks focus in on what’s stamped on those metal inlays!

This statuesque tealight holder is ideal for wedding anniversaries – especially the 5th, 7th, or 10th, which are traditionally associated with wood, copper, and aluminium respectively. When celebrating those special couple milestones, a thoughtfully personalised gift speaks of enduring love and commitment.

It also makes the perfect housewarming gift for friends or loved ones moving into a new home. Not only does it add a cosy ambiance, it also carries your personalised good wishes for this new chapter in their lives.

We all have friends and family we’ve lost too soon and dearly miss. Sometimes our customers choose this stately tealight holder as a monument to remember and honour that someone special no longer with us. Your personalised text can include meaningful quotes, dates, or memories shared with the individual, lest we ever forget.

Whatever the occasion, the recipient will be so impressed with this unique and substantial (it’s a heavy block of beech!) personalised gift. It adds ambience, holds special memories and works for any occasion, which is why customers rave about them.


Choose between either shimmering aluminium or lustrous copper strips for your messages. Both contrast beautifully against the dark wood.

We can stamp a different message on each metal inlay, so you get two personalised messages on this tealight holder, each up to 30 characters (including spaces and punctuation).

The personalisation is punched into the aluminium or copper strips offset on the front of the candleholder. You’ll notice on the photos: the left strip reads upwards from the bottom; the right strip reads downwards from the top. Your text can include letters, numbers and everyday punctuation. Please note we cannot do # () * emoticons, graphics or special symbols, like hearts.


  • A beefy bold tealight holder made from European beech.
  • Substantial in size and weight with a height of 17.5cm and depth and width of 8.0cm.
  • Inset with either two aluminium strips or two copper strips – whichever you prefer – stamped with your personalisation text.
  • You personalisation text is stamped with letter punches (it is not engraved) and a has bolder character that isn’t machine perfect.
  • Expect some texture and minor imperfections on the strips that complement the vintage look of the wood.
  • The text goes up the left insert from the bottom and then down the right insert from the top as shown.
  • Please note the colour and grain of the finished tealight holders does vary according to the natural differences in the beech.
  • Sorry – tealights not included.


To order, first choose the metal type for your inlays and enter the personalised text you would like stamped onto each. Please check your typing carefully, because we don’t spell check or look for grammatical errors in your requested text. It will be reproduced exactly as you’ve entered it. There’s no need to align it, we do that. And, if you don’t want any text at all, simply leave the two fields blank.


We have two delivery options depending upon how urgently you need your candleholder. Standard delivery is often free of charge and is via a Royal Mail 48 hour service. Since we endeavour to dispatch your order within one full working day, this service should mean your item is delivered within 3-4 days. If you need it sooner, choose our Next Business Day delivery upgrade. Your item with then be prioritised in our workshop for extra prompt dispatch and sent using a guaranteed next working day service. You should receive it within two working days.

If you have any questions or special requests to customise this item, please do contact us – we always try to help.