Personalised ‘Jewels’ Engraved Jewellery Box


A true handcrafted gem for her gems – a fun personally engraved jewellery box that’s simply irresistible! Give this to someone who seemingly has it all, but doesn’t take life too seriously!

Name or text to be carved above 'Jewels'
Please choose the colour for your felt lining


Who in your life needs a quirky home for their precious ‘jewels’? We’re talking about the kind of person who is fun, fun, fun to be around and things life really isn’t that “deep”. If that sounds like your bestie, a cousin or even your Mum, then this could be the perfect personalised present for her!

What’s brilliant about this box is that it’s handcrafted, but not all worthy and dull. And, it’s personalised with her name but not personalised like in an ostentatious or sickly sweet kind of way. It’s just a bit of fun!

But, it’s still a great big luxurious wooden jewellery box with lots of lovely features that prove it’s a serious about jewellery storage. For a start, it’s solid wood (mainly pine). And, it’s got protective fabric covered pads in the lid and the base. Then there’s this box’s compartmentalised interior, enabling bangles to be separated from bracelets and necklaces from both.

Our customer’s think it’s a great gift idea for a teenagers birthday, or to mark a 5th anniversary with its wooden charm. We’ve produced some for mum on Mother’s Day too.


Give us a name and we’ll mechanically carve it into the lid above ‘jewels’ – our classic choice. But why stop there? Feel free to swap ‘jewels’ for a word that resonates with your recipient; we’re here to bring your gift to life.

We don’t simply engrave your text; we make it pop! The letters are ‘blackened’ with India ink by hand, creating a fabulously bold contrast.

Continue to delight the receiver, through your choice of the box’s inner lining. Will your choose the imperial allure of deep purple, the bottle lover’s favourite of burgundy, the purity of ivory, or maybe one of our 6 new shades? Each box interior is a blank canvas, which we line by hand with your selection.


This is a properly made solid pine jewellery box. It has sophisticated bridal-jointed corners, where the wood intertwines for extra strength. The lid is hinged and has a hook style clasp in an antiqued finish.

In our Amersham workshop your gift is shaped and finished in our own special ways using our hands.

Please note that the finished colour and grain varies on each box due to the natural differences in real wood.


We aim to have your jewellery box customised and personalised and ready for despatch within one full working day of you ordering. Then, if you choose our standard delivery, expect it to be delivered within 2-3 days. You can speed things up a little by upgrading to Next Working Day delivery at check out.