Wooden Personalised Storage Box


94.8% of customers adore this restrained personalised storage box, featuring classic carving engraved into the lid. That’s how many rate it 5 out of 5, last time we checked!

Optional - adds a luxurious fabric covered pad inside the base of the box
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Stone (+£4.99)
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This increasingly popular personalised wooden storage box was created originally as a customer special (we always try to accommodate customer’s individual requests). Anyway, we loved the end result as much as the customer did. So, we decided to launch these functional storage keepsake boxes into the “stock” (everything’s actually made to order) range. Here’s how and why to buy yours…

Since its launch in 2022, the love for this adaptable handcrafted box has been overwhelming. Last time we checked it had scored 73 5-star reviews on Etsy (out of 77 total!). Reviewers love the carving style engraving performed by our very own custom-built machine. They also rave about the folksy style of the hand-shaped and hand-finished memory storage box that’s the foundation of this rapidly rising best-seller.

Perhaps the main attraction of these wooden cases is the classy understatement of their personalisation. The mechanically carved text in a classical serif font whispers of quiet confidence; there’s really no need to shout. It’s reminiscent of those carved plaques on grand buildings in fine cities, don’t you think?

So, for what occasions do folks buy these wooden keepsakes and who gets given them? Well, its hard to tell with only the initials to go on but, fortunately, a few reviewers have shared insights:-

  • A purchaser thought it perfect for a son’s 21st birthday.
  • As a keepsake box that bought a tear to the receivers eyes.
  • As a large “trinket” box, so they’ve got somewhere to store their boys’ new born items, that they want kept safe.
  • Exactly what they had envisioned as the perfect choice for their dad’s memory box, complete with his initials.
  • Someone looking for a memory box for their boyfriend, discovered this is “great quality and an even better keepsake”.
  • To be used as a memory box, because it’s a lovely size for a few items and just what they were looking for.
  • As a memory box to remind the purchaser of their Grandfather who they miss dearly.

Inspired by the gifting cases from glowing reviews of this box? Then make someone over-the-moon happy by choosing one of these treasure chests!

Whether you’re celebrating a massive birthday, rejoicing at the birth of a precious one, or merely seeking the perfect keepsake for someone dear, we’re ready to handcraft and personalise your exclusive box. Join the growing number of hugely satisfied customers who love their own edition of this great keepsake box. Or, who have given it to a loved one whom absolutely adores it.


Personalise your personalised wooden box with up to 12 characters (including spaces) of text. This will be carve-engraved into the top surface of the lid, bottom-right as shown. You don’t have to choose initials as your personalisation (though many customers do). You can have a name or date or any text. After the carving is mechanically produced, we can ink in the lettering by hand in India ink, if you prefer or you can have it left natural wood coloured.

Your text should only use a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and simple punctuation. Please avoid the temptation to add emoticons, graphics or special symbols, because they won’t carve faithfully. Also, please don’t use emojis constructed from regular keyboard characters (like <3), because they generally just turn out looking confusing with this font. We can only engrave your box once, so this definitely is one time it’s best to avoid experimentation and keep things simple. Simple works brilliantly.


These wood storage chests are made in England from quality faced plywood. The sides are formed in 9mm ply and the base and lid surfaces use 4mm.

They have brass finish hinges and a complimentary brass-coloured clasp.

The external and internal coating is a non-toxic tinted hard wax applied beautifully by hand.

External dimensions:

  • Height: 10cm
  • Width: 34.5cm
  • Depth: 20cm

Each wooden case is deliberately shaped to look more rustic and characterful – like a box that’s lived a life alongside the memories about to be placed inside. Your old looking new memory box will celebrate the imperfections of the wood it’s made from and appear to show the wear and tear of a life of use.

Each shaping and ageing and finishing process is carried out by the hands of one of us in our workshop in Buckinghamshire. This makes every keepsake box unique from the previous and the next. That’s why the final colour and appearance of your made-to-order box may differ slightly from the photographs. However, we make sure every one is a beauty and never allow any box we couldn’t love ourselves to leave the workshop.


Your intended recipient may well be stunned by the carving style personalisation on their storage box. But, imagine if they opened the box to discover an shock of colour and the luxury of a fabric lining! Choose this upgrade and we will fit a fabric lining pad inside the base of your box in the colour you choose.

You cannot say so much on the lid of this memory chest. Only 12 characters. That’s why we’re giving you the option to say more on the rear! Add up to 40 characters of engraved personalisation on the underside (base) of your solid wood box when you choose this upgrade.


Want to bowl someone over with a fabulous gift, or keep safe your own dearest memories? Here’s how to get your own version of this handcrafted box…

  1. Personalise Your Box: As you add this item to your basket, take extra time to fill in the personalisation field attentively. Your exact text will be engraved into the top of your customised keepsake box, just like the beautiful text you’ve seen in the images.  Style-wise, it’s best to avoid all caps text or emojis.
  2. Review the Upgrades: Would you like to add an extra touch of specialness to your box? Explore our selection of available upgrades and provide the necessary details.
  3. Double-Check Everything: Before you click that “order now” button, please ensure that your personalisation is precisely as you desire. Check for correct spelling, grammar, letter case, and any other details. Our goal is to create your flawless gift,  so it’s best to get all the details correct from the start. We can’t guarantee that last-minute corrections will reach us before your memory box is made.

After receiving your order, we act swiftly. Our mission is to post your box within one working day (Monday to Friday).

For a cheaper delivery option, when time isn’t of the essence, we recommend our standard delivery. Most customers receive their orders this way within 2-3 days though, occasionally, it might take a little longer.

For occasions when timeliness is a priority, our next-day service is available at an additional cost. Your box will be dispatched within just one business day via Royal Mail Special Delivery, ensuring guaranteed delivery within one business day thereafter.

If you have any questions, special requests, or need some guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out now.

Additional information

Weight0.985 kg
Dimensions34.5 × 20.5 × 10.5 cm






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