Carved Wooden Personalised Photo Frame


The minimalist modern version of our best-selling photo display block. This one features carved personalisation and brilliantly displays three of the recipients favourite photos in a flexible arrangement.

Up to 22 characters including spaces We can carve A-Z, 0-9 and simple punctuation


Modern and sleek, with any carved message of your choice, this is a charming handcrafted beech wood multi-aperture photograph holder.  It makes a great gift for anyone whose family is very important to them – like Mummy, Granny or Grandad. But also on an anniversary (especially the 5th, when wooden gifts are traditionally exchanged) or a senior birthday.


We can personalise with any message you choose up to 22 characters including spaces. This will be carved into the beech wood, making the gift unique to you.

We can do A-Z, 0-9 and simple punctuation, unfortunately we cannot do # () or symbols.

Your message will be carved into the wood to reveal the natural beach underneath, giving a stunning contrast to your words.


Made from Beech wood

Contemporary shape finished in a natural wax

Photo holder sizes: 3 x 3 inch, 6 x 4 inch, 7 x 5 inch.

Three sets of acrylic holders included one of each size along with the wooden photograph holder.

Acrylic holders mean your photographs will not bend or spoil over time as are completely protected.

Just remove the protective cover on both sides of the acrylic to use