Wooden Personalised Planters & Pots & Vases

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Pick a personalised pot plant planter or herb pot as the perfect gift for amateur chefs and green fingered folk. Brighten a window sill or grow culinary herbs.

Add a message, slogan or names to your plant-based gift using our 3D carving into the wood or letter punch gift personalisation into a copper or aluminium inlay.

buy this beech wood herb pot planter personalised for you
hands sanding personalised beech pot planter on bench
Becca - I design and help make all these wooden pot plant holders

Becca, Head Designer/Maker

Make Work for Idle Hands

Whatever pot planter you order, you know one of us – or all – will be getting their hands dirty!

We make in handmade quantities, so your gift is extra special

– Customer Reviews –

wooden herb pots and flower planters personalised for customers

Personalised Wooden Pot Planter

“Lovely quality, exactly as described. My wife loves it :)” -David R. 21 Jun, 2023 on Etsy

Personalised wooden herb pot for kitchen window sill

Wooden Herb Pot Planter

“I must say the Wooden Indoor Planter I purchased for my Son & Daughter-in-Law’s 5th Wedding Anniversary, was beyond my expectation.” – Jenny 19 May, 2022 on Etsy

If you’re not seeing the exact pot planter you want…

“Not seeing precisely the gift you want? Drop me a line and I’ll see if I can help you! The beauty of making and personalising all these wooden planter gifts to order, is that I can do changes. So, I can possibly produce exactly the pot planter you want to give. Just send me a few details”

Becca - founder and chief pot planter designer-maker

Rebecca, Designer/ Maker

Why are wooden personalised planters, pots & vases a great gift idea?

There’s no questioning the popularity of our handcrafted wooden planters and vases as personalised gifts. Indoor planters have been our annual best-seller, several years on the trot now. But why are these household horticultural gifts such a hit?

Well, we can probably all agree that houseplants add extra appeal to our living spaces. You don’t have to be an avid gardener to appreciate a little greenery indoors. But, indoor plants are more than just visually appealing; they can make us healthier. How? Read about 3 fabulous ways houseplants can improve our wellbeing.

We think gifting our personalised pot planters and vases, encourages people to bring plants and flowers into their homes. That’s great for the gift recipient and those sharing their home, making these a gift well-chosen.

stack of barn wood painted planters personalised for customers
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