Wooden Personalised Trinket Boxes

How to Buy a Personalised Wooden Trinket Box Crafted to Order

Pick a trinket box style: charming rustic, sleek contemporary or extra decorative, plus a wood finish or shabby chic paint.

Then choose from letter punch personalisation on golden copper or silvery aluminium, laser engraving or deep 3D carving into the wood. And, select a funky fabric for lining for your luxurious custom-made trinket box.

Wooden trinket box personalised for customer with letter punched text

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Hand trimming a wooden trinket box with fabric lining
Becca - founder - individually trims all our trinket boxes with a fabric lining

Becca, Head Designer/Maker

I trim all our trinket boxes by hand

Choose from 9 different fabric colours. Every trinket box is personalised to order

Make your gift extra special – buy handmade!

– Customer Reviews –

Aluminium tree motif fretwork trinket box personalised with stamped lettering

Aluminium Tree Motif Personalised Trinket Box

“I bought this box for my 10 year old niece. She absolutely loved it. She showed it to me over zoom, and I agreed. It was gorgeous! Thank you.” – Sue K. 02 Mar, 2023 on Etsy

waxed finish personalised wooden cufflink, watch or trinket box

Waxed Personalised Wooden Trinket Box

“Beautiful item, very happy with it! Thank you very much!” – Tavia 20 Mar, 2023 on Etsy

Wooden trinket boxes ordered by customer's personalised and ready for delivery

Another day’s trove of trinket boxes – all personalised and customised to order.

What are they chosen for?

Got a trinket box in mind but want to alter it?

“Like a bit of one trinket box, but something else about another? I can combine both to create the trinket box you really want! That’s how you benefit from me making to order in my UK workshop. From small tweak to bigger change, tell me your idea. Doing special requests keeps work interesting!”

Becca - owner and personalised trinket box designer-maker

Rebecca, Designer/ Maker