About Warner’s End

We are Becca and Steve, a husband and wife team who started Warner’s End in 2014.

The idea for our wooden personalised gifts came from the love of an old munitions crate. Discovered in my Father’s workshop clearance, it was recycled for stylish home storage. “Eureka!” – our big idea: recreate vintage charm in affordable everyday gift giving. And, hence, Warner’s End was born.

Becca & Steve, owners of Warner's End

Handcrafted (in Buckinghamshire, England)

The business began with a single fabric-lined “anniversary” box gift, given a rustic finish by hand to create a “has had a life” look.

Personalised to make it extra special

We added a letter punched metal strip, so it could be personalised. This gave it a somewhat utilitarian appearance, that echoed the aesthetic of the original muse – that munitions crate!

That first personalised wooden trinket box was an instant success on NotOnTheHighStreet and remains in our best-sellers to this day. You can see it here: Vintage Style Personalised Anniversary Box . Other larger boxes with plaques were added. Specifically, these christening memory boxes. Then personalised beech wood candlesticks. Before we knew it, we were selling a whole range of wooden gifts finished by hand that can be personalised.

We still love designing and developing new wood gift products. Many products and personalisation options have been added since those early years. Our deep “carved” engraving is our new favourite, only made possible because we started building our own machines!

“Carvatron” is the size of a large chest of drawers, fully computer controlled and enables us to carve/engrave any flat surface of a wooden box, pot, candlestick, frame or other item. We built another unique machine to produce our “repousse” chased metal plaques.

Making wooden personalised gifts at Warner's End
Making & personalising wooden gifts at Warner’s End

So, we’ve come along way in nearly 9 years. Firstly, there’s 100 ready to personalise wooden gifts in our range now. And you can buy our gifts on Etsy now, as well as direct from us on this very website. But, two things have been constant throughout and will always be true: –

  1. We are passionate about delighting our customers
  2. We never knowingly send anything out that we wouldn’t be happy to receive ourselves

If you are looking for a gift for someone special to buy today, browse our ready to personalise gift range here.

We also offer bulk purchase, corporate gifts and bespoke boxes for packaging. For custom commisions or other enquiries please contact us here.

We do hope you love our ever growing gift range and we have the opportunity to delight you soon!

Thank you for your interest in Warner’s End.

Best wishes

Becca and Steve